1. European Circular Clinic Supply Center for Robotic Instruments

Vitruvia is the first European service provider to specialize in circular systems for robotic instruments. On a site of 2,000 sqm located in Schönebeck, near Magdeburg, Vitruvia has opened the first Circular Clinic Supply Center for robotic instruments. The center will be used as a reprocessing site for medical devices, ensuring professional quality-assured cleaning, decontamination, testing, sterilization and preparation for reuse.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the highest hygiene standards

Vitruvia develops applications based on machine learning algorithms and strategies. These self-learning methods of artificial intelligence (AI) are designed to optimize the sensor-monitored reprocessing of used robotic instruments, ensuring that process parameters are automatically adjusted to the necessary requirements, so the surgical instruments are cleaned to the highest safety standards based on their levels of initial contamination.

Systematic expansion to other fields

Vitruvia is planning, in the foreseeable future, to push the expansion of its service portfolio to other fields, including medical devices for heart and general surgery, endoscopes, and the whole recycling system.


Advantages for hospitals

Lower investment costs

for alterations and the procurement of medical technology


on core business and know-how of sterile product supply is maintained

Lower running costs

or personnel, qualifications, quality management, supplies, validations


in the use of new or other robot-assisted surgical systems is fully preserved

No cost risk

in case of off-peak times and inefficient processes through adjusted payment models

Elimination of the liability risk

for the management due to improper reprocessing and downtimes in the ORs