The Swiss-German Vitruvia group is currently establishing the first dedicated European center for the reprocessing of robot-assisted surgical instruments in Schönbeck (Elbe). The specialist in circular systems for surgical applications is investing 2.5 million euros in a best-practice facility built on a site of 2,000 sqm, that will set completely new process and hygiene benchmarks in reprocessing medical devices, ensuring professional and quality-assured decontamination, cleaning, sterilization, testing and preparation for reuse.

At a kick-off this Wednesday, CEO Rainer Grabow and board member Torsten Cejka explained the company’s portfolio to Schönebeck’s Mayor Bert Knoblauch and his economic development advisor Sven Ellert as well as other partners, signaling readiness to start production in April next year.

Recognized for its expertise in sterilization and reprocessing, Vitruvia also takes a pioneering lead in research and software development, conducting technical and mechanical tests on instruments and exploring ever more efficient ways of returning medical devices to the recycling stream at the end of their life cycle. Currently serving the German market, Vitruvia plans to expand its reach to all of Europe. Its aim is to make medical devices better, more durable and, most importantly, impeccably hygienic—sustainability at a high-tech level is paramount.

About Vitruvia

Vitruvia is Europe‘s foremost technology company in the healthcare sector of the circular economy. As a supplier of innovative circular systems for highly complex medical devices, particularly in robot-assisted surgery, Vitruvia supports hospitals in the transformation of their ORs to higher value added, increased safety and maximum resource efficiency.

The company has offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Magdeburg, Schönbeck/Elbe and Anglikon/Switzerland.

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