Modern healthcare, economy &
sustainability in balance

Vitruvia is Europe‘s foremost technology company in the healthcare sector of the circular economy. As a supplier of innovative circular systems for highly complex medical devices, particularly in robot-assisted surgery, Vitruvia supports hospitals in the transformation of their ORs to higher value added, increased safety and maximum resource efficiency.

The concept of a circular economy has gained increasing attention from policy makers, industry and society in recent years. It encourages a move away from a linear economic model and toward a more circular economic system. This extends to the healthcare sector, preventing a dual class healthcare system and making technical progress available to all patients.

Vitruvia’s added value concept
for highly complex medical devices

The circular systems developed by Vitruvia are based on innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), providing you with benefits on many levels (cost-efficiency, safety, performance, environmental protection).


supply loop

Partnering with Vitruvia assures hospitals that all medical devices for their operating rooms will be available, perfectly functional and impeccably hygienic—without high investment or running costs.


Discover the first
circular system
for robot-assisted surgical

The first European Circular Clinic Supply Center for robotic instruments, established by Vitruvia, sets completely new process and hygiene benchmarks for safe reprocessing of robotic instruments and complex ‘Critical C’ medical devices.

Circular systems for highly complex medical devices

The new dimension
of reprocessing

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Vitruvia at a glance
Our services

Review, analysis and implementation of a sustainable circular system

We review and analyze your portfolio of medical devices to identify areas that can be transformed into a sustainable circular system, helping you to achieve higher added value and greater efficiency.

Integrated quality management system and outsourced risk management

Our integrated quality management system conforms to all relevant standards in force in the European Union and in the Federal Republic of Germany, and is subject to stringent controls. So, when you outsource your risk management to us, we will leave you with nothing less than complete peace of mind.

Full service, with modern, validated processes in a specialized facility

Our customer-centric full-service approach is backed by modern, validated processes in a highly specialized facility that sets completely new industry benchmarks for safe and hygienic reprocessing of complex medical devices.

Personal finance and leasing solutions for robot-assisted medical devices

We offer personal finance and leasing solutions to give you a wider choice of options to fit your budget, to prevent any major cash drain or strain on your budget, and to maintain your financial flexibility and control.

Guaranteed functionality for assured patient and user safety

The medical devices processed by Vitruvia have the same quality as new products – both in terms of functionality and hygienic safety. This is ensured in comprehensive tests and examinations.

Maximum transparency and traceability are fundamental to Vitruvia. We guarantee that every device is returned to the hospital from which it came. Using an online tracking system, our customers are able to check the status of their reprocessed robotic instruments at any time.

At the same time, an integrated quality management (IQ) system and comprehensive documentation enables hospitals to provide proof of the individual process steps at any time – in accordance with all relevant standards in force in the European Union and in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Vitruvia ensures that all medical devices are returned to the recycling stream if they can no longer be reprocessed or are irreparably damaged. Our goal is to promote a more intensive use of resources through single-type separation and the recycling of recyclable materials.

As well as this, we actively support our customers in establishing the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.

Spezialised reprocessing of robot-assisted surgical instruments

The Vitruvia portfolio is aligned to the needs and requirements of hospitals and is continuously expanded and adjusted. In principle, we reprocess any and all robot-assisted surgical instruments available on the market. Currently, these are primarily da Vinci® surgical instruments.