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Your contact

Markus A. Bertschin
President of the Board of Directors

T +41 (0)44 915 33 78
M +41 (0)79 233 26 09

Vitruvia Medical AG
Kesselackerstrasse 18
CH-5611 Anglikon I Swiss

Torsten Cejka
Board of Directors

T +41 (0)44 915 33 78
M +49 (0) 173 887 18 11

Vitruvia Medical AG
Germaniastraße 18-20
12099 Berlin I Germany

Who we are

Vitruvia is Europe‘s foremost technology company in the healthcare sector of the circular economy. As a supplier of innovative circular systems for highly complex medical devices, particularly in robot-assisted surgery, Vitruvia supports hospitals in creating a secure future.

The first European Circular Clinic Supply Center for robotic instruments, established by Vitruvia, sets completely new benchmarks for safe reprocessing of robotic instruments and complex medical devices. In addition to modern validated processes, the use of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) ensures the highest standards of processes and hygiene.

Vitruvia is managed by a well-established team of highly specialized industry experts that has worked together for decades, successfully establishing several disruptive innovations in the market. Its mission at all times is to create the prerequisites that keep modern healthcare affordable—using the latest technologies and processes.

The focus of Vitruvia on robotic instruments is aimed at a market with huge growth prospects worldwide. Robot-assisted surgery is revolutionizing healthcare. It is now part of surgical medicine, especially minimally invasive procedures such as complex cancer surgery, and it is here to stay. Compared to the USA and Asia the market in Germany is currently still in its infancy.

History I Milestones on the road to market leadership

Founding of steriPartner GmbH 
as a consultancy and qualification company for quality assurance in medical device reprocessing

Start of the hygienic analysis and development of processes for reprocessing instruments used in robot-assisted surgery

Development of the business model and founding of Vitruvia AG (Switzerland) as financial holding

Founding of Vitruvia GmbH (Germany) as operating company for reprocessing complex medical devices

Acquisition of steriPartner GmbH (Germany) with extensive consulting and qualification expertise in the reprocessing of complex medical devices

Extension of Vitruvia GmbH in the areas of validation, process development, IT, technology, QM, marketing, sales

Acquisition of the property and
start of construction work for the
first European Circular Clinic Supply Center for robotic instruments

Opening of the first European
Circular Clinic Supply Center for robotic instruments 
and highly complex medical devices

Our strategy

Vitruvia balances modern healthcare with economy and sustainability. We want to contribute our part to affordable and efficient modern healthcare by creating effective circular systems for surgical applications. As a “first mover” in the field of robotic instruments, we plan to expand our lead all across Europe.

The Vitruvia share

Vitruvia Medical AG is planned to be listed in the general open market of the Munich Stock Exchange.

Number of shares:
The share capital is CHF 1,559,181.00
and is divided into 1,559,181 registered
shares, each with a nominal value of CHF 1.00

Availability of shares:
All registered shares are freely transferable.




Vitruvia share: An attractive investment with potential

  • Strategy with focus on participation in the rapidly growing surgical robotics market
  • Solution provider for increasing pricing pressure in the medical technology sector
  • Innovative concept of circular systems
  • Competitive edge through use of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Unique and well-established team of experts
  • Long-term added value