Vitruvia Medical, which specializes in circular systems for highly complex medical devices, particularly robot-assisted surgery, now also provides circular system solutions for single-use devices such as electrophysiology catheters.

EP catheters used in cardiology procedures are highly complex devices which are made of various materials and are not designed to be disassembled for reprocessing. As a specialist in its field, Vitruvia has years of expertise, backed by validated processes and innovative technologies for safe reprocessing of what are known as single-use devices.

“The highest level of patient safety, as well as hygienic and functional safety are, of course, paramount,” says Vitruvia’s Managing Director Rainer Grabow, “but so are maximum transparency and traceability.”

Using a laser-based individual identification system, Vitruvia guarantees that every device is returned to the hospital from which it came. In addition, each processing step is charted and documented. The standard for the reprocessing of these complex medical devices is set by the European Medical Device Regulation 2017/745 (MDR) and the Implementing Regulation 2020/1207. An integrated quality management system ensures that all QM-relevant reprocessing data at Vitruvia is also available to the hospital.

Committed to the sustainable use of resources, Vitruvia supports hospitals on the path to a greener future, while at the same time increasing their efficiency, with an immediate improvement of the revenue situation for procedures.

About Vitruvia

In Schönebeck, near Magdeburg, the Vitruvia Medical Group has opened Europe’s first Circular Clinic Supply Center for robotic instruments on 2,000 square meters. After two years of renovation and expansion, instruments used in clinics are reprocessed here under cleanroom conditions for reuse. With this sustainable concept, hospitals save both investment and operating costs when using robot-assisted surgical systems. In addition, they can quickly start operating room operations thanks to Vitruvia’s immediate reprocessing readiness. The company now also provides circular systems for single-use devices.

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