Patient protection, resource efficiency and waste prevention—The concept of a circular economy has gained increasing attention from policy makers, industry and society in recent years. As the foremost technology company in the healthcare sector of the circular economy, Vitruvia focuses on medical devices for surgical applications, an area that is very resource-intensive and faces enormous quality and pricing pressures.

The issue of a circular economy in the EU features at the top of the agenda, given its potential to ensure more resilient resources, foster sustainable economic growth, increase competitiveness and generate new jobs. It encourages a move away from a linear economic model and toward a more circular economic system.

The circular systems developed by Vitruvia are based on innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Offering benefits on many levels (cost-efficiency, safety, performance, environmental protection), the Vitruvia systems contribute to ensuring affordable and efficient modern healthcare.

About Vitruvia

Vitruvia is Europe‘s foremost technology company in the healthcare sector of the circular economy. As a supplier of innovative circular systems for highly complex medical devices, particularly in robot-assisted surgery, Vitruvia supports hospitals in the transformation of their ORs to higher value added, increased safety and maximum resource efficiency.

The company has offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Magdeburg, Schönbeck/Elbe and Anglikon/Switzerland.

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